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5 things to keep in mind during MAT 2015-16 preparations

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  • SWOT Analysis: Do a SWOT analysis of yourself to determine your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. Take a mock test (even if you are not well prepared). You will immediately realize the areas of improvement (weaknesses), areas which need just improvements (fortify your strengths), areas where you can score the most (opportunities) and areas which are difficult to comprehend (steer clear of strands).
  • Know MAT syllabus and MAT pattern: Instead of randomly picking up topics to prepare, get hold of the complete list of topics that you need to cover. Get hold of questions from previous years’ MAT 2015 exams and try solving them. Put syllabus in front of your study table and keep ticking off topics you are confident about. This is an excellent way to keep track of what you know or what you don’t know and it will take some stress off your mind as you keep checking off the topics you’ve recovered. MAT 2015 exam will consist of 5 areas; Mathematical Skills, Data Analysis and Sufficiency, Language Comprehension, Indian and Global Environment and Intelligence and Critical Reasoning. Each area has 40 questions. Topic wise preparation will help you out to choose questions wisely while attempting MAT 2015-16.
  • Don’t compromise with accuracy: Time management is one of the most important parts of the MAT 2015 testing with prioritization of questions becoming one of the key areas to success. Avoid solving complex, difficult and time-consuming problems. As you go on attempting questions during your MAT 2015 preparation, make sure you do not compromise on accuracy. While speed is important to increase your number of attempts, maintaining a higher level of accuracy is even more important to convert your attempts into your score. Also, achieving a higher level of speed without a high level of accuracy results in loss of a question.
  • Practice makes you perfect: This did not become a well-known saying for no reason! It is extremely important to take as many mock tests as possible. Stat with at least 1 mock test every day. Make sure you stimulate MAT atmosphere while taking these tests. It will increase your test-taking speed, help you to overcome panic situations, gives you a clear picture about the topics you are weak in. Every test should be followed by in-depth analysis so that you can pin-point your weak and strong areas and accordingly can work on them.
  • Make your basic concepts very clear: Get your basic concepts clear from NCERT books and try to solve difficult questions after that. Try to solve most of the problems using short methods to save on time. Major mistake almost every aspirant make is when they get any answer correct, they don’t bother to check, if their method was really effective/time-saving or right. This makes them more prone to make errors in future. So, always keep a check on your answers and learn from mistakes.
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