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5 things to keep in mind while preparing for the CMAT

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5 things to keep in mind while preparing for the CMAT

Several things go through the mind of a student while taking an examination or preparing for one, and more so when the examination is one that could determine the trajectory of his or her career. These thoughts are important and necessary though it takes out an element of focus away from the task in hand – giving the exam its deserving attention. Depriving oneself of all the thoughts beats the purpose of the exam- of a pressure scenario, and more often than not, leads to under-performance. For that the right kind of thoughts are required. And a little bit of the right kind of stress becomes a necessary evil. So, it is important to short-list and keep those few things in your mind which will help you optimize your performance. Here are 5 that has supposedly worked for many others and hopefully would give you a hand whilst crossing the narrow bridge.

  1. Remember what is at stake

Yes. That is indeed a source of pressure. That is a source of pressure that can drive one towards better performance. Being too relaxed leads to a kind of complacency in the exam hall which is detrimental to the candidates as well as fellow candidate’s performance. It is good to be stressed at the right time. Stressed enough to not waste time looking into the doodles in the neighboring candidate’s work sheets! Stressed enough to remember that 80 minutes are left and there are 40 questions to go. Stressed enough to know that 1 less question answered or 1 wrong answer could be the difference between a GIM and a college in a murky desolate outskirt city in Maharashtra.

  1. CMAT is not CAT

The parameters that are being tested in CAT and CMAT are not the same. If it were, there wouldn’t be 2 exams. This is critical especially during the preparation process. A candidate savvy with both the exams due to repeatedly attempting mock test and previous question papers would be able to differentiate the 2 and find an optimal strategy to tackle each. While the CAT might not focus on Permutations in a particular period, that might be what the CMAT heavily invests its questions in. At the end of the day nothing is predictable, however there are patterns and the exam makers expect you to see it.

  1. Strategizing for the best result

Strategizing to take an exam becomes as important as extensively preparing for the exam, on the day of the exam. Knowing volumes about the number systems might not help you get through an exam each of the 10 questions asked from the topic demands 5 minutes each. While different strategies work for different people, no strategy works for no one. Assessing one’s personal strengths and weaknesses an optimal strategy could be concocted to reap the best results in an examination. This is also substantiated by the adage that it is as important to know which questions to leave as it is to know which to attempt.

  1. Tackling the sections

Practice and prepare for each of the sections individually. The USP of the CMAT, which is the GK section, comes to the fore when we talk about this. Almost everyone looses out in the CMAT because of the ill preparation of this section. People seldom see that the GK section is the gold mine. 25 questions for 100 marks. You either know it or you don’t! If one is indeed well versed, he can claim his 100 marks in less than 5 minutes and dedicate the rest of his 170+ minutes to the other challenging sections. Preparing for the other sections is almost the same as in other exams – Get the concepts right and keep practicing.

  1. Take every mock test you can!

AICTE offers a trial exam for the CMAT. Other than that, there are a lot of open sources which offer mock tests and previous year question papers online. This is the best strategy for any exam and not the CMAT alone. Keep writing that exam till it is not unfamiliar alone. On words, this seems like a lot of work. It is not. There is only a limited number of materials available. Going through that could be the ticket to the dream college.

The greatest tip however, is that there are no tips or short-cuts. It’s plain and simple – Prepare and Practice! Results will definitely follow.

Good Luck!

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