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7 interesting group discussion topics

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Group Discussion

Group Discussion

We have been updating students/ MBA aspirants on the next stage for MBA admissions which will include the group discussions, personal interviews and a few MBA colleges with also have WAT or essay writing stage. We have included 7 interesting group discussion topics for the perusal of the MBA aspirants as below –

  1. Aksai Chin to Arunanchal Pradesh – Are we losing it inch by inch?
  2. India is poised for a drastic political change – for Good or Bad
  3. Nuclear Energy: dependable, clean energy option
  4. Up the down staircase
  5. Various mechanisms to improve operating margins
  6. Obamacare: How will this effect Indian market
  7. Do we need to revamp our current education system?

We have covered multiple horizons in the above topics ranging from border security, politics, economic scenario, finance, regulatory and compliance to abstract topics. The idea is to provide a thinking ground for our MBA aspirants. These are 7 interesting group discussion topics which would require an aspirant to be thoroughly read on various subject and half information could act very lethal for a GD performance with such topics.

An ideal approach would be to not only highlight relevant facts in the “as is” situation but also construct a path for the “to be” scenario. One must present historical instances or regulatory policy and then highlight possible practical implementations for a way forward. We would continue in our series to present more thought provoking group discussion topics where 7 interesting group discussion topics is just the first of the series.

We recommend aspirants not to wait for the actual sessions at their MBA preparation centres but to keep pondering on these topics by themselves and keep reading the newspapers. The ability to keep assimilating information from various media sources including our website will help you have a lot of ideas during the actual group discussion stage and can act as a catalyst then. Wish you luck in your preparation.


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