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IIM Lucknow

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IIM Lucknow

Location: Lucknow

Address: Prabandh Nagar, IIM Road, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, INDIA

Contact No: 0522 273 4101


IIM Lucknow Campus

33 years ago, was established an institute of excellence. One who’s flag ranks among the best B-Schools of the world. The vision of inception of which, was set by the honourable Pandit Jawarharlal Nehru. IIM – Lucknow. Located in the capital of Uttar Pradesh, IIM-L has been churning out world class managers for over 3 decades now. IIM-L figures in the top 5 B-Schools of the country. With such a multitude of laurels and accreditations, IIM-L has achieved the status of a premier global B-School.

With the vision of being a centre of excellence in generating and imparting knowledge in management education while fostering social consciousness in leaders, IIM-L has taken leaps and bounds over time. While the focus in the world of management have been largely towards delivering jobs and leaders, they have held on to their promise of developing the entrepreneurial spirit as well as crafting socially responsible leaders.

The college offers a plethora of management courses which include Post Graduate Programme in Management (PGPM), Post Graduate Programme in Agribusiness Management (PGPABM), Post Graduate Programme in Business Management for Working Managers (WMP), International Programme in Management for Executives (IPMX), Fellow Programme in Management (FPM) and Management Development Programmes (MDP). They emphasise that through their pedagogy they hope to create not only world class managers but also excellent human beings who are committed to their jobs, society and nation.

The programs through its rigorous training simulates real life situations to the students for them to have a real feel about the business scenarios they would be stepping out into. The WMP is a program that caters to entrepreneurs and working professionals in particular, providing them with a holistic 3 year program delivering all that an MBA education should provide without disrupting their ongoing work. The IPMX program is a 1 year program designed primarily focusing on instilling the individuals with the required leadership traits. This program is directed to mid and senior level professionals. The program is a practical one which tackles the various strategic and tactical business scenarious and is an action oriented one, the highlight of which is a 4 to 5 week long international module by the Faculty of Management, McGill University, Montreal Canada. The doctorate programs and the fellow programs delivers the best of quality education and experience to the students who pursue the program.

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