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Managing time for QA and DI questions

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Managing time for QA and DI questions

qa and di ques

QA and DI

As you all must be knowing, all the coaching gurus talk about the two mantras of success in CAT- Speed and Accuracy. While speed is definitely important, it must not come at the cost of accuracy. Managing one’s time effectively would allow one to pursue the above mentioned twin mantras simultaneously to achieve success in QA and DI questions of CAT.

To maximize the time one must:

→     Be fully prepared with all the topics. There is a difference in our approach towards attempting those questions which we are familiar with and which we are not familiar with. We might be able to solve unfamiliar questions also, but our approach towards questions from familiar topics will be much more aggressive and we will be able to formulate a problem solving path very quickly on the lines of our familiarity and thus our problem solving time will decrease. This will considerably affect the approach towards QA and DI questions

→     One should never rush through the QA and DI questions. As you rush through the QA and DI questions, you might very well get them wrong. One must invest some time in understanding the question and deciding then and there whether “Am I going to actually do this? Or am I going to give up and guess?”. The backward approach of coming back to the QA and DI question at last is never advisable.

→     It is very important to have a look on all the QA and DI questions. It may be the case that the QA and DI questions at the end might be from topics you are more comfortable with. So managing time so that there is enough time to have a glance on all the questions is really important.

→     One should master the art of leaving. One must not stick to a particular question beyond a particular time limit. If you are not able to obtain solution, don’t stick to it, take a guess, if no negative marking and leave, if there is negative marking.

With the time with us being constant, focus needs to be on maximizing output in solving the QA and DI questions. Hope this helps.

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