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How to prepare for CAT – 3 mistakes you can commit

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mistakes while preparing for CAT

3 mistakes while preparing for CAT

CAT is the stepping stone to some of the premium B-schools in India including the IIMs.  CAT score is accepted by more than 100 institutes all over India. The quantitative ability section of CAT holds a lot of importance and can give nightmares to most MBA aspirants! The question most of us face while starting preparation for CAT is WHERE to start from and HOW to start!

CrackMyMBA brings to you an article on how to prepare for CAT which will ease your worries and give a direction to your CAT preparation.

When you start preparing for CAT, you will realize that all the topics in the quant section have been already studied by you while you were in school and you have a basic understanding of every topic. However, you must realize that knowledge will only take you so far. If you want to Bell the CAT, you need to adopt some smart studying strategies that will boost your confidence, accelerate your preparation and better your score!

  • How to prepare for CAT Mistake 1- Lets start with the pitfalls of CAT preparation. Most of us give one mock test after the other hoping that this will increase our speed and make our concepts more clear. However, what we rarely do is take out time to review the mock test. Reviewing mock tests and going through the solutions is MORE important than giving the tests. This helps you identify your weak areas and learn short-cuts and different approaches to a given problem.
  • How to prepare for CAT Mistake 2 – Most of us want to leave no stone unturned for our CAT preparation. Especially while preparing for quant section, we try to study from as many different books as possible hoping that we’ll learn something new from each book and gain more clarity of each concept. However, more often than not we end up wasting our time and re-reading what we already knew! Following one good book and finishing it diligently will be more beneficial to you!
  • How to prepare for CAT Mistake 3 – Finally, no matter how much you have prepared from your course material, you must try solving the previous years’ question papers  to get a hang of the types of questions that you will face on the D-day !!
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