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Preparing for the CMAT

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Preparing for the CMAT

I remember writing the CMAT a year ago. The first of the many MBA exams I had applied to. For me, the day was all about getting the feel of the waters before going for the plunge.

Will my results predict what will come of me in the rest of the exams? Are the results going to be strong enough to compel me to join a CMAR accepting college? How am I going to feel, 3 hours from now? These were the thoughts in my head as I was driving to the test center in the outskirts of my home town.

At the end of 3 hours, I walked out feeling like nearly all the others who were exiting. The exam was very doable – If only I had prepared a bit harder!

So, what went wrong….How come the guy who aced the CAT, had sort of a small struggle with it’s less competitive and distant sibling – The CMAT? Isn’t it supposed to be way simpler? In retrospect – Yes. It is simpler. It is less competitive. However it is not the same and hence preparing for the CMAT in the same way one would prepare for CAT is nothing short of a managerial decision blunder – one which of course a prospective manager of the future wouldn’t fancy making.

So I am deciding to help my friends out there from making the same mistakes; or even worse – craftier and more sophisticated mistakes.

  1. G.K.!

A firm and thorough knowledge of the way the world runs in general, might not be the best bet. The G.K. section is highly topical and is focused on whatever is contemporary. In other words, you would be expected to know who won the Ballon Dor in 2015 rather than in which sport the Ballon Dor is awarded. So how do you make your preparation relevenbt for such a section? There is no magic potion. READ THE NEWSPAPERS! It would make a lot of sense if an attempt is made to understand everything that happened in atleast the previous 2 years.

  1. TIME

For a student preparing for the CAT, 100 questions in 180 minutes shouldn’t be intimidating. Factor into that stat that 25 are G.K. questions which require little to no time to answer; one cannot complain about the CMAT that timing has been an issue. Accuracy is demanded and a high number of questions should be answered. Practise could be one method for this…..Oh wait! Practise is the only method for this. Keep doing the mock papers. Take the trial test that AICTE offers. Work. Work and Work.

  1. Syllabus

The syllabus for Quant and Verbal are more or less the same as for a CAT or a SNAP, if not for the fact that the questions are a lot simpler. Any regular preparation of the topics would help one get easily through the questions. A serious aspirant will almost never come across a question that he would be completely unfamiliar with, as opposed to the other exams. How to ace this? The solution lies in the last part of the previous point!

  1. Strategy

Everyone has to come up with a strategy that works for them. There is no 1 size fits all model. For me, attempting the easy questions as fast as I can leaving time for the harder ones have worked. Maybe that’s just me. When you get enough feel for the exam taking process from repeated mock tests and simulations, you will develop your own strategy consciously or otherwise.

  1. The monotonous!

From here I could go on ranting what anyone would tell you – Sleep well; eat well; carry 2 HB pencils – But I choose not to do that. If you really think that you are going to a manager tomorrow, these are things that should be innate in you by now! Otherwise…ahem!

Good Luck!

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