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Preparing for the Verbal Section of CMAT 2015

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Preparing for the Verbal Section of CMAT 2015

AICTE CMAT 2015 preparation

CMAT 2015 preparation

Verbal section is not one that can be prepared for over a short spans time. For many, it is a cumulative learning over long periods of time. However, knowing the significance of the section for the exam, sitting back and claiming that 6 months is not enough will not make the exam any simpler. Many a times students who have excellent language skills are seen to score rather poorly, due to under-performance owing to the unfamiliarity with the language questions. Complacency has that effect in the verbal section for your CMAT 2015 preparation. A general feed of read newspapers, editorials, magazines, pink press etc. as to work on the verbal as well as the GK question is too generic advice. I examine the question types and give a preparation method that worked for many. Maybe that could be your method too.

Reading Comprehension

What is expected of a reading comprehension is exactly what the name suggests. Comprehension skills during CMAT 2015 preparation. Comprehension skills can only be attributed to a reading habit. So, if that is not one that is already in you, develop it. There is no alternative. Reading a plethora of RC questions will not teach you how to handle the n+1th comprehension.

Verbal Reasoning

Verbal reasoning section expects a student to think in one particular manner. This cannot be understood without going through a large number of solved and sample questions in the topic. The mantra for this is to just keep practicing till you start getting 90% of all attempts right.

Verbal Reasoning

CMAT 2015 preparation verbal reasoning is a mixture of the innate ability that develops due to a lifelong reading habit and practice of a sufficient number of questions. Since the reading that was never done cannot be cramped into a super-module, one has to opt to do the next best thing – Read anything and everything available, over as wide a range of topics as he or she can.

Vocabulary, Antonyms and Synonyms

Not many have a vocabulary of a Victorian Duke, neither is that expected. Through these questions what is tested is whether the student has the ability to understand the everyday jargon in the newspapers or text books or even conversations. Having a keen ear or eye for such words is how they can be identified and studied. Try making a lexicon for yourself with 10 new words every day that you come across.

All the other sections in verbal ability for CMAT 2015 preparation like sentence completion, para-jumbles etc. want the student to follow a template that can be observed on solving 1000s of such questions. When it comes to such questions, the right answers are not always the right ones. They are the ones that the evaluation boards expect and hence, practice of previous papers and mock papers are the only way through it.

Prepare well. Good Luck!

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